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Saturnine (Jeff)
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Luna & Planets

Hi All

Took advantage of the clearer skies and steady seeing a few nights ago to start planetary imaging for this year and had a look at the moon as well. Conditions were the steadiest I can remember and wished I'd had a bigger scope available for the night, have recently moved and my newts are all in pieces so had to make do! with the 127mm NG apo.
The moonage was the best 1000 / 3000 frames and the planets 2000 / 8000 frames, processed in PIPP and Registax. ZWO 290mc, Optolong UV/IR, HEQ5

Thanks for looking.
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Mickoid (Michael)
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Well Jeff that's a great start to the season and good on you for getting up ( or not going to bed ! ) to get these early morning shots. Those Luna ones have come up really nice with crisp surface details. Also interesting seeing Saturn with it's rings closing up revealing the other polar region that had been hidden for so long. Nicely done!
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John W (John Wilkinson)
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A good set of images Jeff - well done. Cheers John W.
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PKay (Peter)
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Bloody good work Jeff

I wish I could do half as well...
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Nice catch, yes some have been lucky, we just need it on the 26th to be outstanding
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Saturnine (Jeff)
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Thanks for the encouragement gentlemen, appreciated. Was nice to get very steady seeing for a change, 7 / 8 Pickering as a guestimate. Saturns' rings have noticeably closed up compared to last season and Jupiters' cloud bands have also changed markedly, even the Red Spot seems more oval than last year.
The full moon on the 26th will be a cloudy one, just because the weather wants to spite us and spoil our view of the total eclipse.
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