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Queensland Astrofest 2022 Update

It occurred to me that after a gap of two years people may appreciate an update on the status of the event which Iím delighted to say will take place in 2022 between Friday 22nd and Sunday 31st July.
Astrofest is run under the auspices of the combined Astronomical Societies of Queensland and the organizing committee is made up of one or two nominated representatives from each of the participating societies. Nothing prohibits each society being represented, other than the availability of volunteers from the society to offer their services. Currently the committee is only three strong, with representatives from SEQAS, BAS and AAQ. Other societies, however, are still welcome to offer representation.

For a while now Duckadang has had no on-site manager. Belinda left the post last April, but I am in constant communications with Cath Fuller in Melbourne who is currently the main point of contact.

A few weeks ago, the committee made a trip to Duckadang to conduct an inventory of Astrofest stock and assets, to ascertain what the event needs to purchase to re-stock. A second trip is planned around April during which we will conduct safety checks of all electrical equipment and label it with the date of testing. Endeavors are underway to organize safer access to power which has involved purchasing some expensive new equipment which will improve things greatly.

I have no information at this time about the level of charging for the event this is still under discussion.

Things will get much busier from here on in as we attempt to put some of the 'Fest' back in to AstroFest!

One of the early tasks is to lock in the main speaker and to organize the other talking slots but there is also the raffle to organise and of course approach sponsors who are so critical to the success of the raffle and thus the financial viability of the event. I have a few ideas in this space I am discussing with other committee members which will feature in future updates.

One exciting idea I like and the committee is considering is to commission a professional video company I know produce a mini promotional video of the event, to try to capture the essence of this thing called the Queensland Astrofest.

Finally, I would like to also ask for the help of any long-time attendees (please pm me), particularly anyone involved in the committee or simply attending back in 1993 and the early days. I would love to hear from you to capture information, anecdotes, photos (even videos) of those past events. I would like to find out more about the interesting characters that played a part in its early adoption and success. Some of those people may no longer be with us, but in this way, we can honour their memories.
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Well that is excellent News
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Good news Chris! Thanks.
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+1 great if it starts again.
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Thats great Chris if any of us NSWelsh men can lend a hand iam sure we can
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I think in time I may create a new thread purely about the history of Astrofest because it touches a rich vein of shared memories I'm keen to capture.

Thanks to Greg Bok, Peter Marples and Patrick Pearl it transpires there is a wealth of information already captured and organised by year.

It definitely feels like the start of an adventure.
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