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Observations 26 & 28/9/2013

First sessions with the scope for a while. A bit of a random scoot around Scutum and then beyond. My sky has had a bad habit of being OK for galaxies for a while and then getting murky.

Thanks for looking.

Telescope 400mm f4.9 tri-dob reflector
Eyepieces 28mm UWAN, 17 Ethos ,13,9 mm Naglers, Paracorr
Navigation: Uranometria, Night Sky Observer's Guide.

p= preceding
f= following

2045 Seeing poor, transparency fair

NGC 6694/Messier 26 OC in Scutum

135x Very pleasing patch of 50-60 faint stars with one bright star at p edge. Looks about 10’ N/S x 8’ p/f with elegant curve of stars around then Np rim of a dark space on the N side of the cluster. Intriguing and complex lines of stars in this OC.

NGC 6705/Messier 11 OC in Scutum
135x Spectacular 14’ square block of myriad faint stars riven by dark lanes to give appearance of a Chinese signature stamp. Many small bundles of stars delineated by dark patches and one bright star in the centre.

NGC 6712 GC in Scutum
175x 7’ dia round concentrated GC with no central core. Many faint stars resolved. A small dark lane cuts into S edge. Sp and Np edges are sharpened by dark lanes that give the impression of the GC having a point towards the p.

NGC 6751 PN in Aquarius
175x Distinct round 30” dia grey glow with star very close to f edge. No detail apparent and no central star. With UHC filter, it brightens and I have impressions of dark patches inside the p edge. Looks smaller and brighter with OIII filter. (I am curious on cross checking with NGC/IC project – the reports there include a distinct central star)

NGC 7009 PN in Aquarius
175x Always spectacular even in these poor conditions. Bright blue-green 1’ glow elongated p-f and ansae discernible. Even better at 250x and ansae more marked.

NGC 7099/Messier 30 GC in Capricorn
Fascinating GC with 10’ outer halo and dense 4’ central concentration and a 2’x1’ p-f very dense core. Many stars can be resolved in the inner section and a couple of strands to the N. The outer halo is more extended to the Sp.


2045 Seeing good, transparency fair

NGC 6943 GX in Pavo
175x 3.5’x2’ f-p oval glow with marked but not “stellar” central brightening.

IC 5052 GX in Pavo
175x 6’x1’ elegant p-f sliver with no central brightness. Careful observation reveals faint mottling along the length of the galaxy
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Nice report Patrick! I agree, maybe there's just too much humidity that's giving us these murky skies. Even when there's an ostensibly clear night here (rare lately), the stars seem to lack brilliancy. Doesn't seem to last either, you can go out an hour later and only the brightest stars might be dimly visible, or none at all. I had the scope out the other night - seemed OK on most of the 'biggies' (NGC 253 looked fairly good, as did some brighter globular clusters) but couldn't see a sign of the fainter stuff.

Cheers -
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It is great to see that some people still look through their telescopes.
Patrick, I like your description of M11 "Spectacular 14’ square block of myriad faint stars riven by dark lanes to give appearance of a Chinese signature stamp."
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