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Orion Planetary Camera Autoguiding

Can the Orion Planetary camera be used as an autoguider ??

I know that the software does not support it but with the large number of software programs for guiding I was wondering if anyone has tried it? ?

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I imagine your talking about the soon to be released Orion starshooter both deep sky and planetary....release date around mid January...but has not been confirmed.

Yes the Solar system camera can be used as a guider but it does only have 1/2 second exposures max.....again something like the Meade LPI would be better.

The Orion Deepspace Starshooter would be better but a lot more expensive...virtualy the same as the Meade DSI but cooled.
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as of now I dont think the DSI is supported by guidedog-(believe the author is working on it)..so its unlikely the Starshoot will be

just something to keep in mind, as you need to think of what software you will use for autoguiding as well

BTW I have yet to see any images by amateurs with the StarShot..so far people have been posting noise and blurs
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