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Lowepro bags - where from?

Hi guys

What's the best place to get Lowepro bags (for a good price) in Australia?

I'm looking on ebay, some prices look ok, but I just want to compare the prices with a real shop.

I'm looking at bags like the mini-trekker, compu-daypack, slingshot 200 AW, etc.

Recommendations on the type of bag also welcome.

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I like the look of hte slingshot 200 AW: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....MakeTrack=true

Easy access to the bag...
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when you are up here on thursday Mike, call into newcastle Duty free and camera house. They have heaps of bags, I got one to fit the canon350d with the 18-200 telephoto lens on it for a good price. I think they have those there too, just I didn't like the sling types
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ebay is easy and pretty good,

I bought a lowepro bag from www.qualitycamera.com.au

Very quick and prices are pretty good
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Careful on the mini-trekker Mike, I've heard reports that the zips can open when you pick up the bag from the straps. A good Idea is to zip them both to one side or the other but not up in the middle. Some people have also put a small tie wire to tie the two zips securely.

Apart from that it's a great camera bag !

Houghy, it sounds like we'll be hitting your local shopping establishments on Thursday....
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Hi Mike

Check out Photocontinental

Here is a link to their Lowepro range:


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Hi Mike,
I have the AW Computrekker (how nerdy a name is THAT??) from Teds camera shop.
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I have heaps of lowepro bags, they are great , you won't regret going down that path.....
I have done the best deals on the last 2 from Nikon on Broadway in Sydney.
They look a bit up market with their English tea room looking shop, but they do a great deal...
Fletchers in Sydney also sold me a couple at good prices as well.
I have also noticed Harvey Norman is starting to stock a fair range......

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I got mine from a local camera shop at a good discount. Often if you establish a pattern of spending at a local supplier they will give you good prices in return for your repeat business.
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You might find some useful info including goss on dealers here http://www.d70users.com/index.php plus some pointers to the best recommended HK suppliers. I brought a LP classic mini trekker though the dude you linked with the slingshot LP bag , no hassles and I think about 30 bucks cheaper then in OZ .The mini trekker is very nice , comfortable to wear while hiking and plenty of room, in fact i was little surprised how big it is .
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Thanks guys, I may have found one on ebay that I can pickup locally, saving postage. So I can get the slingshot 200AW for $110. Good price I think.
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