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Transplanting Sensor

Ok hypothetical scenario. SBIG offers a CCD Sensor transplant service. What advantage, if any, would be gained from transplanting the sensor from a ST-8300M or ST-4000XCM into the updated Aluma body?
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It is probably not a bad move on their part as it would let owners with still good CCD sensors who want to stay with a CCD update the supporting mechanics and electronics now that supply of new sensors would be drying up.
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As far as the 8300 sensor is concerned from seeing many hundreds of images the QSI683 with the 8 filter filter wheel and built in OAG is the king of the 8300.

I would sell what you have and put the money towards a second hand one of those. They are now selling for cheaper as people move over to CMOS.

No idea how good/bad the SBIG is just the QSI beats everything else I have seen for the 8300 sensor.

If you mainly want to couple it with an AO unit then I assume the Aluma does that?? To do that with a QSI it requires the Starlight Express AO unit.

Also a ZWO or QHY268 would be a superior camera in almost all metrics.

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