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A light from the depths. Neptune?

Why the ?
Well l think l saw it.
Star hopped from Jupiter using a 15mm 68 EP up and across following a line of 7th magnitude stars and then a big hop to Neptune with stellarium also had at 7.8 mag from memory, don't hold me to that.
There was another 7 mag star close beside it and two more above which were further apart, all four forming a rhombus.
My Sky Watcher Star Adventure GTi did not show Neptune in the list of visible planets, stellarium did, hmmmm?
Wellwhatever l was looking at, l found it a framed it in the 5mm Orion EP for 84 x magnification.
I'll check online somewhere tomorrow to see what l was looking at, right now though, bedtime.

Jupiter had all four visible moons in a line at 5 o'clock in the EP. Reasonable viewing conditions. We have a week of cloud coming and I'm probably not going to bother taking my set up to Ruffy in Victoria next week due to the weather, damn it. I'll take the binos.

Edit. A quick check and yes Neptune is up there where l was viewing but alas, a quick check on astronomy tools has me doubting l was seeing Neptune in my ED72mm 420FL pup.
I have managed Uranus with my 127mm 1200FL achro using a 5mm Orion EOP EP. Was a very small blue fuzzy dot, extremely exciting all the same. Will get the 127 onto Neptune tomorrow night.

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EpickCrom (Joe)
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Hi Rod. It sounds like you were on track to Neptune as there is currently a line of brightish stars near Jupiter that leads to Neptune after a drop from the double star 20 Piscium. Speaking of Jupiter, it did look incredible last night like you said with its moons stung out to one side. The GRS looked great too. Neptune will reveal itself by its vivid blue colour.
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Rod-AR127 (Rod)
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GRS! Damn it, must get out the 127 to see that.
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