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Mare Imbrium Mountains

So l read on one of my google feeds that Sunday just gone we could see the Mare Imbrium mountain ranges on the moon.
The mountains mark the edge of Mare Imbrium, also known as the Great Imbrium Basin, a vast lava plain on the moon formed by a massive impact from space nearly four billion years ago. (Maybe where it got a bit close to earth )
So last night, the little one (ED72) was put into service with the 30 & 15mm EP and the 5mm Orion.
Great views despite being a bit bright, nice contrast near the edge of the plain, well up until the back room light was turned on and l packed up and went inside.
I never get tired of viewing our Moon, trying guess the size of the craters, I'll have to do some research on a few and see how big they really are.
Was great to read about something and go out and see it.
Need to work on Jupiter's Big Red Spot and moon transits now.
I tried to eyeball Octans, still no idea what I'm looking at however a turn of the slow motion controls produces very little movement of the stars so my PA is good enough for visual.
The Little One is turning out to be a great grab on go item, no regrets with this purchase at all.
PS. I bought a goto mount. SW SA GTi
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G'Day Rod. There are several major mountain ranges surrounding Mare Imbrium, the Apennine mountains being the most spectacular. Also found at the edges of Mare Imbrium are the Jura, Carpathian, Caucasus and Alpes mountain ranges. All are a fantastic sight when close to the terminator.

Congrats on getting a go to mount!

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