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NGC7293 Helix neb PN

Observed with 304mm Dob from my suburban Perth backyard, PM 24 september 2006.

I was not expecting too much of this object due to its large angular size (approx 14'x12') and low surface brightness. However, It was easily swept up using my 27mm Panoptic (x56, 1.2 degree FOV) as a faint roundish haze. With a 20mm SV and OIII filter (x79, 0.9 degree FOV) the Helix really 'came alive' and had the appearence vaguely resembling its photographic appearence. Round but slightly boxy & stubby slightly elongated E-W. The centre was darker and the N side of the ring brighter. There was also some vague detail visable withn the ring, definatley worth a re-visit at a dark sky site.

I have also seen NGC7293 with crappy 7x50 (Haminex) binoculars in a darkish location (Nelson Bay, NSW). My 120mm Refractor with 20mm+OIII also does a good job with the Helix.
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where the picture? no lieing please
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I had a go with my 8" Dob from Newcastle (fairly light polluted) - couldn't see anything even using a UHC filter....
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