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Post M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy - GX

Mag 8.00 galaxy in Hydrus
RA 13h 37.376m
Dec -29 54.168'

Date - 2000hr AEST 16 Aug 2006
Location - Newcastle, Australia
Telescope - 200mm f/6 GSO Dobsonian
EP - 20mm Televue Plossl

From this relatively light polluted location, albeit darker than it often is - I didn't expect to find very much of M83 - and I didn't!

I starhopped to M83 from mu- and nu- Centauri, across to the four star asterism of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4- Centauri, and then dropped about 4deg down to the area of M83. At this time it was at an altitude of 37 in the west.
Nothing of M83 was visible in the 8*50 finderscope.

In the 20mm Plossl, M83 initially appeared as an approx 7-8th magnitude star, which quickly became "fuzzy" on closer examination - closer scrutiny revealed a brighter fuzzy patch a couple of arc minutes across, and the VERY faint hint of a fuzzy area maybe 10 arc minutes across - gentle nudging of the OTA confirmed this, as did a closer look through the XW-10.
Subsequent review of Starry Night Pro confirmed the sketch taken as M83.

Certainly nothing like the awesome images of this galaxy posted regularly - but visible notheless from my suburban backyard.
I hope to follow-up this report with a dark sky report of M83 this weekend - fingers crossed!

One of the many great images of M83 - by tonado33 http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...ad.php?t=12449

Check http://www.seds.org/messier/m/m083.html for a bunch of further info about this galaxy and its discovery.
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Even a modest 15cm mirror will show spiral arms from a dark site. This galaxy is worth monitoring as 6 supernovae in 60 years have appeared, the last in 1983. One of my favourites.
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I have seen this object with many different instruments all from moderate light polluted sites. 10x50mm binos will show it and I have seen the spiral arms faintly with a 200mm Dob. cant wait to see it under dark skies with my 300mm Dob.
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