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Amazing NGC 104 (47 Tuc)

Hi fellow astronomers! I finally had a chance to do some observing last night on equinox night after a terrible run of cloudy nights. Not the best sky conditions from my backyard, seeing was 3/5 and transparency 3/5. Bortle 7 to 6 estimate. Nevertheless I'm not one to ever pass on a clear night so I brought out my 10 inch dobsonian at sundown in preparation for the night ahead. These are the following objects I observed:

M4 (Scorpius): Very nice view, it's central bar of stars showing nicely.

Albireo (Cygnus): Beautiful colour contrast! Among the night skies best doubles.

M7 (Scorpius): This is a stunning open cluster, bright blue stars arranged in a box shape. Photos can't do it justice!

M6 (Scorpius): Another stunning open cluster. This cluster lived up to its nickname "Butterfly Cluster" as it did look like a butterfly using 70x.

NGC 6187 and 6188 (Ara): This is an open cluster (6187) within a nebula ((6188). The cluster is fairly bright with an eye-catching double star at its centre. The nebula is large and faint. I think I just about glimpsed NGC 6188 using averted vision.

Alpha Centauri (Centaurus): The closest double star to us looked beautiful. Two bright light yellow spotlights! Very wide gap separating them at 686x.

NGC 6231 (Scorpius): Very beautiful open cluster. Bright and shaped like a bunch of grapes! I scanned around the vicinity of this cluster at low power and it was a fantastic sight to behold. This whole area in the "Table of Scorpius" is very rich.

M27 (Vulpecula): This is one of my favourite planetary nebulae. Big, bold and bright, I made out it's pinched central region for the first time.

NGC 104 (Tucana): This was my final DSO observed for the night. What a special sight! Also know as 47 Tucanae, this globular cluster rivals Omega Centauri in absolute splendor! This was the best I've ever seen it so far in my limited time as an amateur astronomer. Incredibly bright core, with countless streams of stars radiating from it. I just kept muttering "wow" at the eyepiece!

In addition to those and other DSO'S, I also observed comet PANSTARRS, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Nothing like a fine observing session to recharge the batteries! Wishing you all clear skies.

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Been away for a day or two, only just saw this...

That sounds like a very worthwhile evening. There are some great notes here, and while there are a lot of very fascinating viewing targets mentioned, NGC 104 (Tucana) is always worth a look, and I never get tired of looking at the planets.

Quite envious, given the lack of clear skies at my side of Oz of late. Well done.
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Thanks Warren. Yeah unfortunately you guys on the east coast are getting inundated with rain. It's clear here on the west coast, but back burning season has begun so some nights are so smoky that deep sky is affected (planets and lunar not too bad). I hope it clears for you over there soon!
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