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NGC6822 - Barnards Galaxy - GX

NGC6822, Sagittarius

Date 05/08/2006 pm local
Telescope, 304mm Dob
Location, Gosnells, WA

My first entry, here goes

Barnards Galaxy, an irregular dwarf galaxy belonging to the local group of galaxies. It was found quite easily with the Dob no doubt aided by some convenient guide stars. At first I just barley made out the faintest smudge in the eyepiece (13mm Nagler) but nudging the tube of the telescope confirmed I was indeed viewing the galaxy. NGC6822 was orientated almost N-S in the eyepiece with a subtle variation in brightness across the object with no central condensation. The north of the galaxy appeared slightly brighter and as I examined the galaxy closely more detail became apparent, This object rewards patient observation. I also noticed I could see a few exceedingly faint stars within the galaxy. At first I thought they were foreground stars from our own galaxy, but I am reasonably sure they are stars from NGC6822. Burnhams celestrial handbook states the brightest stars in Barnards galaxy shine at the 15th magnitude, right at the threshold of my viewing capabilities with a 304mm Dob in a moderately light polluted part of the sky, transparency was excellent. Barnards galaxy reminded me a bit of a very faint version of the SMC.

Cheers, Mick
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NGC6822 info

NGC6822 was discoverd by American astronomer E E Barnard with a 6" Refractor in 1884. Not only does Barnard have a galaxy named after him he also has Barnards star in Ophiuchus (largest proper motion of a star) and Barnards loop in Orion (a huge but faint arc of nebulosity). NGC6822 is a Irregular-dwarf galaxy and a member of our local group of galaxies. Its distance is approx 1.6 million light years and visual magnitude is 9.3 but with a very low surface brightness.
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Thanks for the report Mick.

I find 6822 using two naked eye stars that line up with it.
star m5.0 then 42' to star m5.5 then 44' to NGC6822
I have seen 6822 with my 10" dob and with 20x80 binoc triplets.

The PN NGC6818 is 42' from 6822.

It is interesting to read the Data on N6822 at

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