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Rare Visual report ..

I don't do visual very often as my eyes just don't do it justice but with the Ob under reconstruction and the sky reasonably clear I dragged the 10" Dob out on the driveway. Haven't used it for a while but M42 was just starting to appear in he evening sky.

Managed to easily see the Trapezium and the 4th star and as it darkened a really good view of the dust clouds around it. Also managed to see part of the Running Man as it got really dark. Clouds started getting persistent so put the scope away but then just stood out on the driveway looking up. Heard a plane going through, high Sth sky so turned to watch that and as it cleared a slow meteor came in E to W in the same area. 2-3 seconds, about 15 degrees of trail and white brightening as it burnt out.
Followed quickly after by a Sth to Nth satellite passing through.

A bit of everything.
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Fine report, Brent. Apart from the sky the Great Outdoors can often surprise us and even these horrific clouds bundled up and heading to our viewing area can remind us of the some great deep space objects. Thanks for sharing the atmosphere.
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Nice report Brent.
Running Man from Auckland, well done!
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Nice report!
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