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Startrek (Martin)
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I have had two imaging sessions with Dithering now and can notice a significant improvement in noise reduction
I still take my dark frames as I set and forget so itís no problem
My processed images are much better now
I only set Dither to default or minimum and it works well
Thanks for your report and comments
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Hi Martin,
Good that you got it to work better.

Hwat camera do you have?

If it's a low static pattern and no amp glow, try without dark calibration. If there is nothing else than hotpixel to correct for you maybe not need dark calibration. Every calibration you do increase the random noise, so no more calibration than necesary.

How man sub darks does the master dark content of?

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One added benefit of dithering is also doing drizzle integration if your image is undersampled.
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Startrek (Martin)
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I have a Canon 600D ( or rebel T3i in Europe )
When I Dither I reduce my dark frame subtraction, you still need dark frames with my camera
Yes agreed
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