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Hello all!

I am new to the forum, and also relatively new to the hobby. I'm a member of another forum for astronomy, but when I stumbled across this community, I knew I had to become a part of it! I'm based in Adelaide, I'm turning 30 this year, and I guess astronomy/astrophotography is one of many hobbies which I seem to have accumulated over time.

I was always interested in the night sky, even from a young age, and for years before I bought any actual observing equipment, I had apps like SkyView on my mobile phone and observed with my naked eyes.

My equipment to date, I've listed in my signature. I also use my Google Pixel 4XL for astrophotography (to the extent that it's possible, more like moon/planets and sky shots).

I can't wait to interact with you all here, and thank you for having me. I love the vibe of this community already and it's a real privilege to be a member, I feel.


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Awesome stuff, welcome Malang!
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I'm back, after a break! Glad to see everything still ticking over
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TanawhaGS (Geoff)
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New to the site

Hello folks

I first became interested in the night sky trying to capture Halley's Comet on a Canon AE1 film camera in 1986. Managed a smudge on film. After learning some of the night sky and observing with eyes and binoculars for the last 35 years, I decided it was time for a telescope while camping and failing to get a good look at the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in December 2020.

First step was a 5" Newtonian for my birthday in February. Aperture fever seems to arise rather quickly. By March I had a 9.25 SCT (Evolution), have joined the Brisbane Astronomical Society and attended a couple of nights at the Maleny site (Sunshine Coast QLD). Very friendly and welcoming crew!

Am looking forward to the journey and comraderie that is evident in this sphere. Have built a heater strap, battery box and Arduino-based dew heater controller using resources and ideas shared by others on this and other sites. Dew heater seems to work and I haven't set fire to anything. Yet.

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Hi Geoff

Welcome, and don't worry, there is plenty of time to start the fire!

Have fun

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Kareta (Katrin)
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Hello to everyone!
I'm Katrin. I fell in love with astronomy when I was at school. And I'm very happy to become a part of this community. It's great.
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croweater (Richard)
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Hello Katrin. Welcome to the forum. I bet you are our first forum member from Belarus! Don't be afraid to ask for help on any subject. There are a lot of smart people on this site.
Cheers, Richard
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Goffas1964 (Michael)
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In the beginning...

Hi team,
Total newbie here and am embarking on the adventure of astronomy at a 'mature age'.
Hopeful to gleen some info from this site / forums on equipment to start and pointers to assist on the journey.

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G'day Michael, welcome aboard. Lots of good info here
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druhl (Divye)

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Divye here from India.

Been a visual observer for a couple of years, but only recently getting into Astrophotography.

Here to ask questions & learn.

Cheers & clear skies,
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Hello and welcome to Iceinspace
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