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28mm RKE or ES 24mm 68degree


Looking at the various Black Friday sales and with Christmas coming I was keen to upgrade my ep's.

The EP is to be used with a 8" Skywatcher dob F6.

I have the Vixen LV 8-24mm zoom which I am happy with, but the RKE offers that "immersive/no eyepiece" feeling that sounds pretty good.

The Vixen is 40degree at 24mm .8 degree FOV and x50mag;
the 28mm RKE is 1.05 degree FOV and x43mag;
the ES 24mm 68degree is 1.36 degree FOV and x50mag

However the ES 24mm 68 degrees is currently available for less than the RKE posted to the door.

Priority - comfort and ability to use the ep for extended periods, then FOV.

What are people's thoughts on the 28mm RKE versus the ES 24mm 68degree?

Ps. I can see from a recent post that the FUJIYAMA 25mm should have made the list in the same price category.

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ES 24 /68 although I have not used one. I do have Tele Vue 24mm Panoptic. It is a very versatile focal length and apparent field giving you maximum field of view in 1.25 barrel (along with 32mm and 40mm Plossl).

I do have the 28mm RKE and it is a novelty eyepiece for me. The view is unique but I much more enjoy the 24mm/68 view.

If the ES 24/68 is less than the 28 RKE then the RKE is over priced or the ES is very well priced.
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I have both. The 6824 is the better all-round eyepiece, especially when used for exended periods of time, and in faster optics incl. f/6. The RKE absolutely sings in my slower scopes, which tend to be refractors. It's brilliant in the f/11 ED, and not just because of its floating image. The field looks very clean. I can't even remember if the ES 24 has actually been in that scope's focuser at all. More to the point though, the ES has better edge correction in my own 8" f/6 dob as well as the FS-60, on top of having a wider AFoV. Oh, and it's about twice the weight of the RKE.

The RKE will do its disappearing thing in any telescope, but for maximum floating-in-space effect that scope should have a narrow tube and be used in straight-through mode. In a newtonian, while the eyepiece happily disappears, the OTA just will not
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I have both, and I agree with astro744. The 28mm RKE is a novelty eyepiece.
The ES24mm is better in every regard except weight. The 28RKE is still however a fun eyepiece. As mentioned by Mirko the 28mm RKE is actually rather good in slower scopes. Although, I haven't tried it yet in my ED120 which is F/7.5, I'm sure it will be fine. Don't use it in a fast Newtonian though, it cannot handle coma induced aberrations from a fast Newtonian. I distinctly remember the impression of "jumping to light speed".

Col must be trolling recommending this eyepiece for an 8" Newtonian. Your Dob at F/6 is still optically a fast system and will annihilate the image. Everyone has their own sensitivity to coma but objectively speaking there are several choices that are better then the 28RKE for your mention telescope. Meanwhile the ES24 is quite well corrected in a Newtonian at F/5.

I bought the 28RKE when it was very cheap some years ago. Could I recommend it with its current price over an ES24 for an F/6 Newtonian? Only if I was trolling.

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I have the the 28mm RKE. I bought it because I had the 15mm and because it came up often on people's 10 best eyepieces of all time lists. Very often.

I have not used it a huge amount but its as described where the image tends to float and the eyepiece disappears.

I haven't tried the ES 24mm but it sounds like its similar to a Televue Panoptic which is a workhorse type of eyepiece.

An actual Panoptic would also be a good choice. A lot use the Panoptic 24, my workhorse in the past was the 19mm Panoptic. My go-to comfort lens.

None of these though are likely to come close the APM 30mm UFF.

But now we are talking about a $500 eyepiece.

There is also a Pentax XW 30mm which I regularly see recommended. Sometimes Pentax go on sale at Agenaoptics.com.

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Originally Posted by mura_gadi View Post
What are people's thoughts on the 28mm RKE versus the ES 24mm 68degree?
I've got both of them. Love both of them. You cannot compare them - they are VERY different.

ES68/24 is a tool.
RKE 28mm is a fun.

Like you've got two cars - one to get to work and to a shopping center - your workhorse. And you've got a car for a ride on a weekend, but you are not riding it to shopping center for groceries. Same here.

RKE 28mm is certainly not the EP I would recommend to buy first. It's a great addition to your existing EP in that range. Just for fun - when you want to float in the space.

So my view on that - get ES68/24 and then get RKE 28mm.
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Ty all, seems to have been a loop sided question.
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