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Nexstar 4SE & Astrophotography

Hi all, I am looking to buy a CCD/Cmos camera for my 4SE and would love some advice.

After a bit of web searching and forum reading I am leaning towards the ZWO ASI120MC. From what I've read the colour version is the way to go for a newbie.

Any ideas on other cameras at that price range? Around $400.

I've also seen posts about using a TeleVue barlow but there are two sizes. As my scope is small would a 3x be too much? Any other barlows I should be looking at? Should I be looking at all for a barlow at all.

Lastly Software: Any ideas on which to use? I sen Fire Capture recommended a bit.

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See this thread here http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...48#post1153548
You can get a camera for planetary work, but I won't recommend it for any deep sky objects.
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Hi Gas, I've got a ZWO AS! 120 mc. It's a good little camera for the price. Certainly works well for planetary, lunar and solar through a filter of course. FireCapture software takes a bit of getting used to and it can do DSO long exposure once you figure out the operational aspects. Basic planetary and lunar can be done with quite a cheap webcam if you want to experiment with video capture and stacking.
You probably won't need a barlow with a webcam as it is a small chip. You biggest issue might be keeping your target in view long enough to capture enough frames to work with.
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thanks guys.

I'm only looking at planetary work anyway so I will see what I can find in web cams first and see how that goes.

thanks again
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4se, astrophotography, barlow

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