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Epson photo printers

Might be of interest to people looking at getting a printer for their imaging Epson have a {up to} $300 cashback deal on their A3+ range until the end of Jan 12 {if your in Perth Camera Electronic seem to have a good price on the Epson Stylus Photo R3000 }.
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What do you reckon about cash back deals though? Are they usually genuine?

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If it's from a large reputable manufacturer, it's usually genuine (I've done it several times with Fuji/Xerox and Canon). There are several hoops to jump through, you have to spend time chasing them up if it doesn't automatically go through, etc... which means the a surprisingly small percentage of people end up claiming them.
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I bought the Epson R1800 (A3+) on a cash back deal a few years ago, no problems at all getting the cash back. No real hoops to go through, I seem to remember having to send in proof of purchase. The Rxxxx series printers are capable of producing as good a result as any lab, if your have the urge to print your own images and are happy to wear the costs then the R3000 would be well worth considering. I found that printing anything smaller than 8x10 isn't cost effective, average cost for 6x4 postcard using quality paper is around 50 cents per print, if you only want a couple of prints for SWMBO then that's probably cheaper than hopping in the car to get inferior output at HN or similar.

I'm not sure if it's still the case, but I had a lot of trouble trying to get PS to control the printer, in the end I found that Canons DPP did a perfect job when printing using it's interface as did Epsons own driver with PS, but the PS printer adjustment controls simply wouldn't produce consistent results. I'm not the only one who had this issue, a mate with the same setup had identical problems.

I believe the issue was simply one of Adobe not putting sufficent effort in to their driver interface and not the fault of the printer and in my case provided that I let the Epson driver manage the output all was well with PS.
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I have the same with Canon, no issues at all and although it may take a little while it dose come through.

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