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Guiding with EQ6 Pro - PEC or not?

I am setting up an EQ6 Pro on the pier in my observatory with a view to using a 10" F5 (Suchting) newtonian style OTA.

I intend to guide the mount either via PHD, or the SBIG system, and was wondering if through guiding I do not need to worry about setting up the PEC on the EQ6.

Does anyone have any experience/comments?

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I'm guiding via PHD even without perfect polar alignment I've tried subs up to 3 minutes so far without ill affect so haven't yet resorted to PEC

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I say, if you have it use it, it can only help, and lowers the workload of the guiding system. especially if you have it set up on a pier!
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I have not had any experience with an EQ-6 but if it is going to be permanently mounted and you do a reasonable Drift Align I see no reason to do a PEC run, you are recording after the event.

Providing your PE is smooth and dosen't have sharp uncontrolled spikes, your autoguider will take care any PE. My previous mount, a G-11 and my current field mount, a GM-8, have PEC but I didn't/don't use it, my Observatory mount, a Tak NJP dosen't have PEC at all.

You can check your PE after you have set the mount up and done a DA by running PHD and using an autoguider and enabling the Graph under the Tools Menu, set it on 50 and watch the progress for a couple of worm rotations, you will clearly see any sharp spikes and you will see the autoguider responses.

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In my humble opinion it is good to dial in with PE as it may point to balance issues perhaps... I train my mount frequently and somehow it helps me work out if there are other issues.
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Thanks for your input.
Now that my grey-matter is starting to recover after the festive season, I realise that in my case I should invoke PEC since when using my SBIG/AO7 system, no guide commands are sent to the mount unless it is outside the capture range of the AO7. Hence if I can keep the mount reasonably in the right place, the AO7 should sort out the rest without talking to the mount.
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