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Workflow for Canon 1000D?

I've just started down what I suspected will be the long and tortuous journey that is getting to grips with DSLR astroimaging. I've just taken delivery of a Canon 1000D and will soon be getting a CLS filter.
Whilst I have owned a Meade DSI for three years, to be perfectly honest I've never really got to grips with it. However, when I have used it, I have found a workflow put together by a friend very useful. I've put together my own workflows for webcam imaging of the Moon and Planets which again I find very useful.
Does anyone out there know if anyone has put together an image capture workflow for astroimaging using a Canon 450D/1000D using the liveview function for focussing?
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Hi Michael.

I really only know enough to be dangerous, but have had some success with following:

- Locate object using GOTO + camera viewfinder and/or finder (for very tough object perhaps with eyepiece in first)
- Rotate camera until object framed suitably
- Takes some 30sec ISO 1600 test frames to check framing
- Save position in GOTO as user defined #1
- Slew to a bright star
- Use Liveview to focus (I have a newt, so I get nice diffraction spikes when at focus on a bright star)
- Lock focus
- Slew back to user defined position
- If guiding, use guidescope to find a guidestarr, then get PHD or other program calibrated and locked-on
- check camera still on target
- start taking subs (perhaps ISO 800 for 3mins as a starting point if unsure and have light pollution)

I tend to leave in camera noise reduction on and take flats with a homemade lightbox at the end.

Hope that's not too much waffle.....!
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