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Naming Deep Sky Objects (DSO)

Naming Deep Sky Objects (DSO)

Comets are named after the people who discovered them.
Unfortunately people who discover clusters, nebulae and galaxies are usually not recognised.
I think that is a pity. I am not suggesting we give extra names to objects, which the Caldwell Catalogue unfortunately did. And we cannot name all the 2,402 objects William Herschel found, after him.

Before I talk about naming I would like to recognise these men.
The following nine observers each found more than 200 objects visually, they deserve special mention.
1 William Herschel found 2,402 objects (mostly with an 18.5” speculum reflector from Slough, UK)
2 John Herschel 1,522 objects (1,137 from Cape Town in the 1840s with an 18.5” speculum reflector)
3 Stephane Javelle 1,333 objects (with a large 30” refractor from Nice, France)
4 Lewis Swift 818 objects (813 with a 16” refractor mostly from north of Los Angeles)
5 Albert Marth 559 objects (with a massive 48” reflector from Malta)
6 Edouard Stephan 406 objects (with a large 31” reflector from Marseille, France)
7 Heinrich d'Arrest 278 objects (with an 11” refractor from Copenhagen, Denmark)
8 James Dunlop 277 objects (with a 9” speculum reflector (=6”), from Parramatta, NSW in 1826)
9 Francis Leavenworth 248 objects (with a large 26” refractor from Charlottesville, USA)

Returning to naming DSO.
We can give credit where someone found only one cluster, nebula or galaxy.
For example Lacaille and Caroline Herschel only found one galaxy each.
So we can say Lacaille’s galaxy M83 and Caroline Herschel’s galaxy NGC 253.

Here is a list of objects that meet this criteria, which were found visually by 61 people.
* Messier objects

Aitken's Planetary Nebula IC 3568
* Al-Sufi's Galaxy M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) and Open Cluster IC 2391 (Omicron Velorum)
* Aratos's Open Cluster M44 (the Beehive Cluster)
* Aristoteles's Open Cluster M41
Austin's Galaxy NGC 3315

Auwers's Galaxy NGC 6503
Baily's Galaxy NGC 3457
* Bevis's Nebula M 1 (the Crab Nebula)
Bidschof's Galaxy IC 2951
Bigourdan's Nebula IC 2159 and Open Cluster IC 1590

Brorsen's Globular Cluster NGC 6539
Bruhns's Nebula NGC 2175 (the Monkey Head Nebula)
Burnham's Planetary Nebula NGC 7026
Cacciatore's Globular Cluster NGC 6541
* Giovanni Cassini's Open Cluster M50

Coggia's Galaxy NGC 6952
* de Chéseaux's Nebula M17 (the Swan Nebula)
Denning's Planetary Nebula IC 1454
Dunér's Galaxy NGC 2273
Espin's Nebula IC 5068 and Planetary Nebula IC 2003

Flamsteed's Open Cluster NGC 2244 (in the Rosette Nebula)
Gale's Planetary Nebula IC 5150 (the Spare Tyre)
Hall's Galaxy NGC 7693
Harding's Planetary Nebula NGC 7293 (the Helix Nebula)
Harrington's Galaxy NGC 7040

Caroline Herschel's Galaxy NGC 253 (the Silver Coin)
Hind's Galaxy NGC 4125, Nebula NGC 1555 and Globular Cluster NGC 6760
* Hodierna's Galaxy M33 (the Pinwheel Galaxy) and Nebula M 8 (the Lagoon Nebula)
Holden's Open Cluster NGC 7226
* Ihle's Globular Cluster M22

Innes's Open Cluster IC 4291
Javelle's Planetary Nebula IC 972
* Kirch's Open Cluster M11 (the Wild Duck Cluster) and Globular Cluster M 5
* Koehler's Open Cluster M67
* Lacaille's Galaxy M83

* Legentil's Galaxy M32
* Mairan's Nebula M43
* Mechain's Nebula M78 and Open Cluster M103
* Messier's Nebula M20 (the Trifid Nebula)
Oppenheim's Galaxy NGC 2981

* Oriani's Galaxy M61
Lawrence Parsons's Nebula NGC 6974 (part of the Veil)
Pechüle's Open Cluster IC 4
* Peiresc's Nebula M42 (the Orion Nebula was found in Nov 1610)
* Pigott's Galaxy M64 (the Black Eye Galaxy)

* Ptolemäus's Open Cluster M 7
Rambaut's Galaxy NGC 4110 (found with the Birr Castle 72”)
Safford's Planetary Nebula IC 1295 and Open Cluster IC 348
Schönfeld's Nebula NGC 1333
Schultz's Galaxy NGC 414

Spitaler's Nebula IC 1470 and Globular Cluster IC 1257
Stewart's Galaxy IC 4985
Bindon Stoney's Nebula NGC 2183
Wilhelm Struve's Open Cluster NGC 2202
Lewis Swift's Globular Cluster IC 1276

Tempel's Planetary Nebula NGC 6309
Thomé's Planetary Nebula IC 1023
Trouvelot's Nebula IC 4703
Webb's Open Cluster IC 4756
Winnecke's Globular Cluster NGC 6366 (The Herschel’s missed this GC)
Young's Galaxy NGC 6187

This list is based on Dr. Wolfgang Steinicke’s research.

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Great idea Glen, credit where credit is due.
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