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Saturn at opposition

A wonderfully clear day and evening here yesterday. I am inspired to post a report, something I have not done for a while.

Rolled out my 140mm refractor to get a view of Saturn right on Opposition. At about 10.30 pm, the sky had settled and the views were stunningly sharp.

The disk was sharp with clear surface bands and the rings were their splendid best. The Cassini Division was well defined and as expected there was no shadow cast on the rings by Saturn.

Six moons were clearly visible; Titan was out wide with Tethys and Dione close together, on the same side as Titan, just off the tip of the rings. Rhea and Enceladus were similarly positioned off the tip of the rings on the opposite side. Enceladus was a real challenge - it was blinking in and out of visibility. Iapetus was clearly visible out very wide past Rhea and Enceladus. The six moons and Saturn were broadly in line.

An excellent observation session to be stored in the memory banks.

Swung past the Moon, which was almost exactly overhead, and was enthralled by the totally steady, razor sharp views. Concentrated on Cassendi, Herodotus and Aristarchus and the Sinus Iridium area.

Vixen NA140SS and LVW eyepieces.
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Nice report Steve. Did you use any filters for CA and/or contrast enhancement?
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Great report Steve! Was quite stable up here as well but with quite a thick layer of high cloud the transparency was not quite there. Iíve found the horizontal banding on Saturn can be observed displaying a nice variety of colour when the conditions are very good. Something I canít recall from previous years. Thatís a great feat to be able to observe 6 moons!
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Fantastic report Steve. I'm glad you got to observe Saturn at opposition and in good seeing. It was cloudy here in Perth.
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Thanks for your feedback, Morton, David and Joe.

Morton; no filters used. The scope does not show any CA with Saturn, even at it's brightest. I use a yellow broadband filter on the Moon. This removes the faint CA and renders a sharp, high contrast image to rival any APO.

David; I have managed 6 of the Saturn moons twice before with this refractor. Opposition is the best time to try. Plus, it really helps if the fainter moons are well placed as far away as possible from Saturn. They were ideally placed last night.
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