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Astron Binoculars

Hi. i'm new on here but i have a pair of Astron Binocular that are brand new. they have a field number of 179898 and are 50 x 70, they seem like they are from the 70's or earlier but i can't find any information on the web. Can anyone tell me anything about them. i know they were made in Japan. but what year etc? or where can i find more info about them?
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50x70 is not normal. 10x70 or 15x70 is a more usual type.

The first number is the magnification - eg eg 50x means 50 times or 10x means 10 times magnification. The second number is the diameter of the big front lenses in mm so your lenses should be 70mm diameter. If they really are 50x they will be impossible to hold steady. Check again or post a couple of pictures showing any writing on them.

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A photo of the what is written might help.

Where it says Astron, does it also have Jena?

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yep most 70-80's binos were made in japan, they were spat out in large numbers by a series of factories [a bit like chinese binoculars of today], you can't in most circumstances find any direct info about them, they made a lot & copied the german binos of the time like zeiss. mechanically they are well put together in most cases.
if brand new where did you come by them? sure they aren't chinese made of today?
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