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Saturday night

A few observations from Saturday night at Watts Bridge Airfield outside Esk. There are some really nice and reasonably large/bright nebulae around the outer periphery of the Tarantula Nebula (NGC 2070) that either don’t get a regular mention, or are new to me at least.

Equipment used as follows: 20” dob, 8-24 Baader zoom, 31mm Nagler, Lumicon OIII, DGM NPB, Optolong CLS. Also a bit of binoviewing towards the end of the night on some of the more popular targets. Seeing wasn’t brilliant, although it improved as the night wore on, and the nearby back-burning didn’t help, but beggars can’t be choosers.

NGC 1965: Bright Nebula in Dorado. Mag +8.0
This was a very small and dim nebula, and an OIII filter seemed to make it harder to see – may have had the wrong target on this one now that I think about it.
NGC 1763: Bright Nebula in Dorada. Mag +9.00
This is a fantastic nebula complex. It has a moderately large circular patch right at the top, with a slightly smaller, dimmer patch at 2 o’clock. At 6 o’clock is a large paisley-shaped cloud, and two much fainter splodges out past 8 o’clock. All the patches of nebulosity had a multitude of stars sprinkled through them, and they really popped with the OIII filter.
NGC 1874: Bright Nebula in Dorado. Mag +9.0
This was a small and patchy nebula, but quite bright with the OIII filter.
NGC 1935: Bright Nebula in Dorado. Mag +10.0
Quite a large and reasonably bright nebula, sprinkled with stars. This object has several dark patches and a few whirly knots of bright nebulosity.
NGC 1955: Bright Nebula in Dorado. Mag +8.0
Needs a filter to really do it justice. Quite a large, dog-leg shaped nebula with a similarly shaped overlay of many moderately bright stars.
NGC 1970: Bright Nebula in Dorado. Mag +8.0
A small, mottled nebula, really needs a filter to pop out.
NGC 2014: Bright Nebula in Dorada. Mag +8.0
This is a lovely, bright multi-lobed object.
NGC 1261: Globular Cluster in Horologium. Mag +8.28
This is a moderately sized quite bright globular cluster, moderately mottled in appearance but with no distinct core.
NGC 1466: Globular Cluster in Hydrus Mag +11.39
This was an incredibly faint object, almost imperceptible if not for averted vision.
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Sounds like a successful night Patrick. Thanks for sharing.
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