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pentax k100

Anyone familiar with this camera ?

We are looking at getting one soon, and to be honest I know nothing about dslrs.. there quite cheap atm though and even an upgrade to a pentax lens with smc coatings is still under $750 .

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do a search for pentax on this site - you will get what you need info wise from that
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I'm getting close to buying one.

Consider whether you are buying the K100D or the recently released K100D Super. Whatever stock of the 100D is left is starting to go quite cheaply - down to $540 body only. The cheapest I've found for the Super is $629 body only.

I understand that the two main changes in the Super are a dust cleaning system (which all salespersons said "doesn't really work, like most dust cleaning systems"?!) and the Super will take the latest SDM lenses.

A review said:-
"The new K100D Super adds ISO 3200 sensitivity, SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) lens support and a Dust Removal system which operates in the same manner as the K10D; a combination of a special protective coating on the low pass filter and a high frequency 'shake' of the sensor using the SR system."

I've had Pentax all my SLR life - I have a cupboard full of Pentax and other K-mount lenses which I don't want to see go unused. Hence I'm looking at Pentax, but cannot extend my budget to the K10D - but I don't believe I need those extra megapixels nor functionality. I've decided to spend the extra $100 for the Super - which gives me the capability to use the latest lenses, when I want and can afford.

But do search the threads here. If you are talking serious astrophotography there are strong arguments to go Canon, or maybe Nikon.

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thanks.. I hadn't noticed the newer model.. well I wasn't really planing to come over to the dark side of the force (astrophotography) but you never know .. my 4 year old richo slr (obselete) has a broken whatsit
inside it and it would cost as much as I paid for it almost to repair.
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i was tossing up between this camera and the nikon d40 (just a tad more expensive). i went for the nikon because various tests showed a more natural looking picture, rather than the overly warm from the k100d.
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Graham & Eric we are using Pentax ist DL ( previous version of the K100D ).

You will find some of our images with our previous mount ( EQ5 ) are on our home page.

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