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Old 01-05-2020, 04:26 PM
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Takahashi FS-152SV f8 Refractor considerations/evaluation

Hello Astros
I have been considering a set-up, possibly a team-build, with a primary emphasis on, but not limited to, solar-planet observation, and employing a good-quality CCD camera, rather than direct eye-piece observation, but not with the specific goal of astrophotography (confused? I am.)
The hope was to eventually build a permanently erected telescope/observatory, rather than aim for a portable set-up. One that can be run remotely, assuming someone present to facilitate this.

I have been considering this scope:
I am aware that chromatic aberration is an issue with doublet-optics, which is emphasized whilst employing a CCD camera.

Please tell, has anyone had experience with the Tak FS-152SV (or similar)? Are there any specific things I should look out for, or questions I should ask the owner? Unfortunately he is located in Perth, whilst I am in Sydney, so direct inspection is not possible (he may not agree to ship). Is there any opinion on the value of the scope, in the current market?

Kind regards, Gary
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Old 01-05-2020, 04:53 PM
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I was surprised this site is still active - have not visited it for quite some time.
I am no expert, but a used C11 may well outperform this expensive classic refractor for your purpose, and at 1/3 the price.
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Old 01-05-2020, 04:58 PM
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I had an FS152SV with 3 inch focuser for several years. A beautiful scope.

The best visual views I have seen in any scope.

It excels best as a visual instrument as for astrophotography it does have some false colour. Probably correctable.

Its quite light for a 152mm refractor. It cools off fast.

All in all a wonderful scope. I sold mine to help fund a TEC180 which was very good for astrophotography.

Having said all that I wonder though if these cheaper lanthanum and FPL 53 or 51? scopes from APM would be just as good.

There is also a high end fluorite doublet from Agema Telescopes that claims to be better corrected than many triplets:


A TEC140 may do just as well visually as I had a friend who had one and in discussing views his TEC seemed to show a bit more than the Tak which surprised me.

I also had a Celestron NPC 11 at the same time. Yes it will show fainter objects but the views are not as pleasing as the Tak.
So I would put the Tak above a C11. The view through a TV Nagler 22m Type iv at a dark site was my most memorable view and another time at around 2am I viewed Jupiter and the view was very clear. I think the seeing was superb at the time as well.

I imagine it holds a fairly high price given its a Tak but it would have to be kept in line closer to a TEC140 which is a more multi purpose scope or this new APM scope (I would expect the APM to go for maybe 60% of the Tak).

A TOA 150 would outperform it but its heavy, front heavy and often sold for some reason. Perhaps the weight and balance is the reason. But a TOA 150 is arguably the best 150mm scope out there. I only got the FS152 because the TOA hadn't hit the market at that time and was brand new.

Back around 15 years ago I bought it new and paid I think around AUD$9K?? Perhaps a tad more. I sold it for about $7K about 7 years ago to someone in NZ.

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Old 01-05-2020, 08:08 PM
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Thank you, John, and Greg, very prompt and helpful replies.
I'm limited to the second-hand market, but the "Agema Telescopes" do look exceptional. I had intended avoiding anything Meade or Celestron, and would rather not get anything with optics made in China or Taiwan. It is a long term goal, and so I guess I'll have to wait till something like a Agema refractor SD 150 F8 OTA, magically appears on the Australian second-hand market. It sounds as though the Tak FS-152SV is over-priced at $9750.
Of course, it may make more sense to purchase a reflector; something like a Ritchey–Chrétien.
Thanks again, Gary
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ccd, fs-152sv, refractor, takahashi

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