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Astrophotography Equipment Checklist

I seem to presage most of my posts with "This will sound like a stupid question..." but i'm getting used to that, and this is another one!

I'm just getting my head around all the pieces i need to start up some piggy-back astrophotography, and just wanted some advice as to whether im on the right track....

Here's what i can work out:

- Telescope (C8-SGT)
- Camera (Canon EOS 400D)
- Attachment piece for camera to scope (advice here?)
- eyepiece with cross hairs for manual tracking through main optic (advice here?)
- Laptop
- DSLR Focus
- Cable for connecting camera to laptop for using DSLR Focus (can these be bought in Australia?)
- remote shutter control for camera
- external power source for camera (12 V?)
- Processing software (Photoshop and ImagePlus)

Any extra advice, tips or hints would be greatly appreciated!
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Check to see if the SGT has an autoguiding port. If so you may want to consider picking up a ToUcam as well for autoguiding with Craig Starks PhD Guiding. With the ToUcam you can also use Craterlet for planetary and Luna imaging.

DSLR Focus won't work with the 400D, Get FocusAssist for free for focus and Craig Starks DSLR Shutter for exposure control

You will need a piggyback bracket to carry your camera on the C8 but you may want to consider a rail with sliding adapter to better position your camera for balance. See image for example of rail and bracket.

If you want to control your camera with bulb settings then you will need the serial to bulb pin adapter (plus a USB - serial adapter unless your laptop has a serial port). If you so a search on the site there are quite a few links on where to get them from or how to make them.
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If you're planning to use the camera connected to the C8 for prime focus work, you'll also need a T-ring and a prime focus adapter. This allows the camera to be used anywhere a 2" eyepiece can be used.
There is also a a 2" adapter for the C8 that replaces the visual back and allows you to use a 2" eyepiece/diagonal and of course the t-ring/adapter.
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Hi everyone
I am very new in astrophotography after many years of visual only.
Recently I bought a Canon 400D plus the following gear:
1: T-ring
2: Tripod
3: Bulb release exposure cable.

I have a WO ZenithStar 80mm(not ED) on a SV1 equatorial mount(no RA motor yet). I don't want to spend money on laptop at this stage but I want to start some piggy-back or even prime focus photography. What am I missing? I know I need a camera adaptor to go between the T-ring and the focuser. Do I need off-axis guider;illuminated reticle EP;broadband photographic filter etc....the list seems to go on & on. Is the ZenithStar adequate for beginner like me ?
I need some tips
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Check this two products:
1) This focuser will help you to focus in a minute.
2) With this remote you can set exposure time and number of shots you want to take.

For both devices there is no need in a laptop or any additional cables :-) I am using them both and they work excellent.
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