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Old 17-10-2021, 07:04 AM
etill (Elliot)
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You may be on the right track with the ram, once the systems has to start swapping it out to disk things get orders of magnitude slower. One of the things I like about pixinsight is that it keeps track of system resources it has available and schedules its work to avoid hitting bottlenecks. I don't have DSS to compare, so can't comment on that one.

Are you able to check the memory usage during stacking in the task manager? I mainly use mac and linux but windows refers to swap space as the page file, if there is any used during stacking it will cause a big bottleneck.

According to Google in performance monitor on windows you can track it (add counter -> page file -> usage), if none is being used then more ram may not make a difference. Another potential improvement is swapping to pci-e attached drives (many m.2 and all 2.5in SSD drives aren't). Using nvme, or pic-e (there's heaps of options now) will provide a significant I/O improvement even over SSDs with slower interfaces.
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Old 17-10-2021, 09:27 AM
Startrek (Martin)
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Thanks for the comment
Appreciate folk following up ones problems
Itís all ok now , stacking is working well
A couple of things to take away from my issue -

1/ Stacking nearly 400 x 50MB files is a heavy load no matter what stacking software we use , I didnít even consider that.

2/ My computer was coping well with the work load , hereís my memory status in task manager whilst stacking

Deep Sky Stacker
CPU 0.1 %
Memory at 325MB
Disk at 1.4 MB / sec

Total in Task Manager
CPU 15%
Memory at 28%
Disk at 9% to 14%

3/ Deep Sky Stacker was using all available processors (12)

4/ Reducing the Star detection by half ( 50 to 25 ) reduced the time from 6 hrs to 45 mins stacking time

The only drawback stacking huge quantities of subs from the 2600MC is that a 60 sec sub has the same file size as a 300 sec sub ( 50MB fits ) unlike Raw CR files which are tiny in comparison


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