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Originally Posted by AstralTraveller View Post
I've 'wasted' 20 minutes per month on that site for many years. It's a horror movie! I'm glad to say that I haven't experienced, in 47 years of driving, any of the worst behaviour displayed on DCOA and I only very rarely see behaviour which would 'pass muster' to be shown on the monthly highlights.....

I've seen that behaviour many times.
Dash Cam Owners Australia should be compulsory viewing for all drivers.
It let's you see what could happen and could help you avoid a similar
accident using defensive driving techniques.
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In NSW, the current penalty for tailgating is a whopping on-the-spot-fine of $448 fine and three demerit points. If you wish to dispute the matter in court, the maximum penalty is a fine of $2,200.

Is tailgating an Offence in Qld? - Yes!
Behaviours such as tailgating, speeding and erratic lane changing are traffic offences and are punishable under the Traffic Act.

After some years in traffic related employment, and many years driving tow trucks on the Pacific Hwy, seeing the resultant carnage of irresponsible driving, I fully sympathise with you Col. (And fully approve your rant!)

Fines were dealt out regularly, but as of late, hardly at all.

Tailing gets you nowhere, and precludes you having advanced vision for overtaking points, so is a useless exercise.

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Totally agree with you Col.

Get yourself a Tesla, you get a wonderful all round dashcam that lets you capture stuff like this from my drive home one day...


Also, not just the Tesla, but many new cars these days have adaptive cruise control, it really is great, if you come up on someone doing a little less than your speed it slows you down until you change lanes. It makes the morning grind a little more bearable. Not sure about other makes but the Tesla autopilot will bring the car to a complete halt in stop start traffic, then when the traffic moves off you start again. Maybe this technology will save us from this behavior, but probably not. It has definitely changed the way I drive, much more serene in the car now.

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Hey Col, your just now noticing the SEQ squeeze. It's like 60% more crowded everywhere. Including the roads. I wanna move North, She doesn't.


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Originally Posted by Tandum View Post
Hey Col, your just now noticing the SEQ squeeze. It's like 60% more crowded everywhere. Including the roads. I wanna move North, She doesn't.

Robin ....right on the button....too many cars everywhere.

I can drive around any part of any estate where I am and no kidding...there isn't a home up this way that hasn't got a least 3 to 4 cars or more parked on their driveways or on the street.

I stay off the roads now unless I ' have ' to go out for food / petrol or a necessary journey.

I am quite happy to stay home .... less petrol used / sanity is back ....it's very refreshing you know

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