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The water does taste kinda funny.
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StarGazing (Alex)
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Woooowwww. . Luv the scope Ed ........... How are going with it know ?
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Hi All....sorry its been so long.

Im sure some of you were wondering why I dropped of the face of the earth. Well.
The short answer is I moved, about a year ago and I've been renovating ever since.

The telescope was put in storage through the process but its back out and it gets wheeled out of the Garage when I have the time.
George and I have picked up from where we left off and that is in star testing and figuring the primary.

With renovations, work and waiting for suitable weather it is a slow process.
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Was wondering what became of you
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jquin (John)
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Wow great project.
Are there any drawings for this project?
I'm new here so I'm not sure if people are protective of the design of their telescopes.
If not and there are design drawings I'd be keen to make a 3D CAD representation of this project and share the IGES/Solidworks files with all.
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Congratulations, a really impressive telescope. Inspirational.
Your workshop is beautifully clean, that must contribute to quality.
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Congratulations of a great telescope. The pictures are great as are the accompanying explanations of how the scope came together. Thanks for sharing.
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That is one great looking scope!
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Thats mind blowing lol, extremely nice work WOW!!!!
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Just found this now....absolutely incredible build!

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