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Suggestions for editing

There are heaps of different tutorials on gimp or ps, but I always feel like I missed the first two classes and playing catchup. I would like to hear suggestions on a good tutorial showing a start to finish edit of a stacked image. Preferably one that doesn't assume prior knowledge and experience with editing. Thanks!
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I hear what you are saying, most of these programs assume you are proficient at what you are doing.

We need them to assume we no nothing about it and start at the beginning.

My two cents worth.

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I agree, and am happy to throw my 2c into the hat with Leon's.

Have fun

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I have been teaching Photoshop at a Photographic Art Centre (Photoaccess) in Canberra since 2002, Lightroom since 2007, plus some astrophotography processing workshops. Since moving out to the Central West, I only teach a Nightscape Course which I can teach with a combination of zoom sessions and a face to face night shoot around Boorowa in between Young and Canberra.

So you want somebody to prepare a free online bespoke tutorial in a specialised area like astrophotography, teaching you more advanced concepts like layers and masking while catering perfectly to your lack of basic knowledge?

It doesn't exist.

It is hard enough teaching the basics to beginners face to face when you can help people directly. There are so many variables that need to be sorted on the spot. One person might be able to post a link, but someone else won't find it adequate.

My advice is: - first enrol in non-astrophotography, face to face, beginner level Photoshop and Lightroom workshops, become proficient, THEN, do the free online tutorials that assume a basic level of knowledge.


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I think it's a bit of a tricky question depending on what you are expecting.
I say this based on several tutorials I've found online for processing Milky Way images. Everyone does it differently and everyone assumes your files are going to have similar exposure/lighting/everything to their files. I've seen several where they recommend you download their files but my images look nothing like theirs. As for getting something directly overhead and putting the correct curvature, I think I need to hire the services of a qualified banana bender if I want it curving properly over my two gate posts (I see this so often, well, maybe not exactly over gate posts).....
Personally, I've found it's taken lots of trial and error with many programs to enable me to obtain the crappy results I still get.
Half blind and stupid to boot, bad combination.
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