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Imaging with a TeleVue Powermate 2x

Hi all -

I seek your collective sage advice.

As part of my mid-life 'crisis' I decided to get into the money pit that is astronomy. After much research etc. I bought a Celestron 9.25 EdgeHD SCT with a Baader SCT 2" clicklock back on an Skywatcher AZEQ6-GT mount.

I also bought a ZWO ASI224MC colour camera and want to do planetary imaging. As per Celestron's EdgeHD white paper I have setup an extension tube train to make up the required 146mm back focus (taking into account the Baader ClickLock back) for prime focus imaging.
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Hi Mark, to the madhouse.
What is your question regarding the above ?
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I guess it does help if I add the remainder of the post DOH!

so ...

I also want to use my 2" Televue Powermate 2x for which I also have the T-ring adapter. My question is what amount of back focus do I need from the Powermate T-ring adapter? From reading the Televue website and a very brief chat to Al Nagler himself from TeleVue in New York I understand this to be 2" (56mm) to the imager. Is this correct or do I need to still work the powermate in with the 146mm stated by Celestron?

Thanks in advance and clear skies!
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The back focus for the Powermate is not a critical distance...just connect your camera to the T thread adaptor and focus as usual.
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