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Old 11-07-2022, 08:06 PM
Startrek (Martin)
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Great progress , looking good
Yes, one design fault with NexDome is they use 4 external nylon wheels to guide the shutter opening ( they should have weatherproof hoods or shrouds but itís all $$$ )
Mines been up for 16months now and although they use UV stabilised plastic , I can envisage replacing them within a year or two.
The Dome itself is UV stabilised ABS and is guaranteed for 15 years ( still looks brand new )

Looks like your not to far off finishing it ( probably more satisfying building your own Obs from scratch)

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Old 12-07-2022, 12:56 PM
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strongmanmike (Michael)
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Eeeeexcellent Smithers...eeeeexcellent

Impressed with your ingenuity Fred, every post in this thread has put a smile on my face

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Old 12-07-2022, 01:12 PM
LonelySpoon (Neville)
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Hi Fred,

Any ideas for the skirt?

I started with flexible garden edging, but found after a while it was too stiff and binding/dragging on the overlap I'd built in to the base ring.

Changed it to thin, flexible concrete jointing stuff, ("insertion rubber"?) which is working fine.

On my old 2m dome I used the tar-backed roof flashing, which could be flared out at the bottom as necessary. (I think that's what you used on your joints?)

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Old 12-07-2022, 03:24 PM
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Bassnut (Fred)
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Thanks Martin and Mike

Neville. This pic is what im doing, pretty rough and not accurately to scale. The PVC angle and bar used are pretty thin and flexible, but stiffen up when bent with a heat gun. I used a rubber strip to pack out the dome ring diameter, I made the ring too small, it should have overhung the base ring, but most of this build design was on the fly as I went.
I cant really use rubber on anything that shows externally. Bunnings only has black, this whole thing needs to be white (to match house,daughters order). I tried to paint black rubber white, too flexible, didnt go well.

I haven't shown flashing tape on the pic, it and sealant will be applied where required.

I could have just made one large skirt over everything, but im trying to get the interface between the base and dome to look as slim and non-clunky as possible.

I thought about flared Buyte flashing tape, its used on the segment joins and the slot cover, but it does look a bit loosy goosy, I thought id try a bit harder on the base.
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Old 14-07-2022, 01:29 PM
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marc4darkskies (Marcus)
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Originally Posted by Bassnut View Post
Thanks Marcus.
Absolutely ill be rain testing, was always the plan. Why would you mention this?, no faith?, doubting my vast building skills?
Not for one minute! ... 30 seconds or so maybe. 😁

Oh, and make sure you remember to put a telescope in it!
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