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Confused about DSLR cables.

As you may have seen from a separate thread I am undecided whether to get Canon 350D or 1000D (too complicated to explain my thought process here!). I am trying to work out what I can get for my money. One of the things I'm trying to work out is what I need in the way of cables for each option. I want the facility to use the camera in the field on it's own and in the observatory attached to my computer. If I get the 350D I'll use DSLRFocus. If I get the 1000D I don't know if I'll bother with DSLR focus as I understand the 1000D doesn't work with it. I've read and read about this subject but I'm totally confused.

So here are the questions. What cables and other similar accessories will I need for the following set ups?

1) 350D with DSLRfocus and electric focusser set through through LX200 mount.
2) 350D with DSLRfocus and electric focusser.
3) 350D on it's own on bulb setting (e.g cable release)
4) 350D on it's own on exposures up to 30 seconds (e.g cable release)
5) 1000D with DSLRfocus and electric focusser set through through LX200 mount (my understanding that auotfocus won't work)
6) 1000D with DSLRfocus and electric focusser.
7) 1000D on it's own on bulb setting (e.g cable release)
8) 1000D on it's own on exposures up to 30 seconds (e.g cable release)

Thanks for your help
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I'm just on my way to work, so, can't type too much, but, if my understanding is correct, the 1000D being the newer camera, will only require the one USB cable for control and data download. The 350D will require two cables. You can buy the serial cable from people like Hap Grifin in the US, or from Shawn (on this forum).

If you are just even a little bit non-Gumby with your hands, if you find Michael Convington's instructions online, you'll be able to build one yourself within 20-minutes using simple parts available from JayCar.

If I can do it, anyone can!

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Hi Michael,

I use a modded 350d and have Vista....I have not yet managed to get Vista, 350d and DSLRFocus to play happily (read not at all) so I use DSLRShutter ...however, I have corresponded with someone on digital astro that reckons he has got DSLRFocus to work on 350d and Vista using up-to-date Vista drivers and Prolific USB/serial hardware

....I have also run into a problem with 350d that the serial cable going into the camera has to be popped out just a smigen to get it to work (there was a thread on Ice In Space that alerted me to this resolution)....so one less cable is a good thing...although I now have all cables velcroed to scope so no movement issues for me & when the camera doesn't respond, I just move cable out a smigen and it works....could invest in a new cable, but ...you know...other things to spend money on...(or not)...

I can't compare to the 1000, but the 350d is a great workhorse for me and having worked my way those two hiccups I am pleased with the results that I get....

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Hi Michael. I'm far from an expert, but I believe the 1000D is very similar to 450D, which I have used successfully with one cable as Humayun describes.

Worked nicely - could use Canon EOS utility software to set exposure length, deleay between images and no. of frames to take, preview window with Liveview makes focusing (on a bright star) quite easy, and download of images easy too if you wish to do at the scope. I suspect most if not all non-Canon software wouldn't work through the USB connection though - would be looking for serial ports for control. Probably not necessary unless you're trying to do mosaics or something else particularly tricky?
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