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Transporting a telescope?

Hi all,

While I am waiting for my telescope to finally come in stock to buy, I have been trying to think about different ways to transport a telescope from a to b. I have seen a couple of locations in the surrounding area that may allow for good observing, but all require a car and some roads are quite bumpy as they are gravel.
One method I thought of was a duffel bag large enough to fit the scope (in my case a 8" dob, which I'm quite worried about the mirrors). Would a duffel bag be a safe method of transporting the tube? I would carry the base out of the bag. Would it be safe to have it sitting in the backseat/or boot, as well as just carrying around, say, even into the backyard?
If this isn't a safe method, what would you's recommend to be able to transport a scope around?

P.s one thing I have also seen recommended is using a memory foam type thing? What are your thoughts on that too?
Thanks heaps!
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FWIW, a mate of mine who runs an astro tour business up here in Cairns transports his collapsible 12" dob just setup in back of his RAV4...

The site where he sets up has about 3km of rough track to get to the site... he checks collimation on arrival & worst case it get's a minor tweak...

Collimation holds better than you might think...
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Your scope tube will come in a padded box, and that makes a great transport medium. The base itself is fine, assuming it fits in a car boot. I used to lay my 8" f5 Newt across the back seat, and it was ok like that. Depends on how far you have to go a bond how rough the roads. Strap it down if you can so it does not roll off the rear seat, I found seat belts good for that. Put a blanket over it to prevent scratches.
There are padded scope tube bags you can buy, the Red Geoptik bags are great, and they have carry handles.
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Thanks Glen and Carlton. I appreciate both of your input and that is really good to know! Definitely good to know also that collimation can hold up pretty well, as I wouldn't have expected that.

I don't imagine I will be driving on to rough of roads, as I don't own a 4 wheel drive haha. However, it may be a bit extra bumpy because of that also. I will have a look into the bags, but otherwise good to know seatbelts can also do the trick!
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If Its a collapsible DOB you can just strap it into the front passenger seat.
I do with my 10". Just another strap around it tethering it to the seat is all i do. And collimation holds pretty well, even over the 150k trip along a few rough roads.

But if I had a back seat, I'd probably use that.
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I was similar to Glen, wrap the 8" in a blanket, place on the back seats with an extra blanket laid down, secure with the seat belts. My cardboard box soften pretty quickly (from overloading I'm guessing), but the foam inserts are really handy.

I bought a big old foot locker from a garage sale and that now sits on the back seat, with all the blankets and thermal gear stored for extra padding. Nice for a table as well when your setup.

Just slow right down for the wash out channels and drive slowly in general over corrugations etc and its fine.


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Thanks Allan and Steve for your input! Sadly its not a collapsible dob, however its good to still keep in mind about the front seat, for future reference.
It really sounds like the backseat is a big go to haha! Its great to know, as this can save some money. At least in the beginning anyways!
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