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Do people do webcam mods anymore?

I have an old Quickcam Pro, which I stuck a 1.25" nosepiece in, and a SPC900, which came with an adapter and IR block filter. Both of them are unmodified and both have the Sony ccd chip. I am thinking of getting a ccd camera for DSO work, but that will have to wait until the $$$ equation is more in my favor.
In the meantime, I intend to modify one of the webcams for LX and Amp off and use it as a planetary cam. But do people do them still? Or have dedicated planetary cams like Imgming Source pretty much got it all covered?
I see a few members have done them but I am a complete novice when it comes to electronics.
Thanks, Bo
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Have a look at what Rolf does with his. Amazing
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Bo, you don't need to modify them for Planetary work. Only for DSO's.

Peter (exfso) used to modify the SPC900NC but I don't know if he will still do them.

I have never heard of the Quickcam being modded.

If you do end up getting the 900 modified I have a Yahoo group dedicated to DSO imaging with Modified Toucams, and SPC900NC's.

It is a fairly quiet group as there are not many people left in the world still long exposure imaging with them, but it has some links to capture programs.
The best one being 'Desire', the 'easiest to use' DSO webcam capture program ever written.

But if you only want to do planetary imaging, you don't need to modify. Just use the 900 as is

Some of my DSO images with a Modified Toucam:
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Thanks Ken,
Yes, I have used my SPC900 for planetary work unmodified and have been pleased with my initial efforts, will keep trying.
The Quickcam Pro uses the same chip as the SPC900 (although some other QCPs use different, less sensitive chips).
Might try mod the Qucikcam Pro and see if i can get results half as decent as Rolf's, as its case is alreday broken and leave the SPC unchanged.
Cheers, Bo
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Just for Information I have communicated with Bo on this. I only do the 900C mods. Am still doing them too
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