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QHY5 camera - whih drivers ASCOM or 'native'

I've been slowly moving my EQ6 to an EQMOD/ASCOM setup and finding it suits me pretty well. Along the way I have come across discussion threads on other sites that talk about installing ASCOM drivers for the QHY5 cam and using EQTour and the EQMod Scope Simulator with the QHY5. I haven't been able to figure out why. Apart from a few hangs, I haven't experienced any problems with the 'normal' QHY5 drivers in PHD - I only use it to guide. So I'm wondering whether I'm missing out on some of the functioanlity of either the cam or of the EQMod suite of programs. Can anyone tell me why the ASCOM path might be preferable to the 'normal' one?

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The advantage of ASCOM is that it is the same front end across any program that requires Ascom drivers. By this, i mean if i run MaximDL or CCD Soft, or XYZ software, etc will all have the same driver. Thus only one driver required to install, and thus again, will be easily more compatible, and stable (Once all bugs removed).
I shatter to thing to install 5 different drivers so i can use it across 5 different programs.

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