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FLI Microline Vs Proline

hi there

I'm looking at purchasing an FLI ccd camera in the near future. I know a couple of the local imagers on this forum use FLI. Although I am currently intending to go with the Proline, I am curious about how well the Microline works in practise. For instance, I assume the Microliine has no problem coping with big chips such as the 16803? (internal vignetting etc).

The main difference between the Proline and Microline as far as I can tell appears to be size & weight, some difference in cooling & noise performance, and the presence or absence of additional on-board connectivity (USB hub, extra power etc).

Any applied experience or advice is most welcome.

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My advice is this..

You are spending mega bucks, for a little more, you can get the better of the 2 models. So why not get it while the difference is minor.
Because later, you may just kick yourself if you didnt.
If you end up getting the lesser, and your not satisfied, then it would cost much much more to get the better model.

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Have to agree with Theo.

Like the old Jonny Walker advert: you want to take home the scotch you'd rather drink, or rather pay for?

With most things, the price is long forgotten when it constantly delivers the enjoyment your purchased it for....
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Pl & ml

Hi Theo & Peter,
As you say the price differential isn't that great - and Proline can potentially take medium format film sized chips - if I ever had a scope that could cover one or afford the filters. Longer term I'd like to think I would have a pair of higher end cameras - one for the RC, the other on a piggy backed wide field scope for when the seeing is so-so. Hence the weighing up of pros and cons. Certainly the Proline would be ideal for the main scope, which is the priority at the moment - maybe a microline or equivalent for the widefield.

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