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Gerald Sargent
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Canon 20D vs 40D

Apart from price can anyone advise on the merits of one over the other ? Gerald.
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The 40D is 10 mega pixels, the 20D is 8.6 mega pixels
the 40D has Live focus, where you can preview focus on the rear LCD, zooming in to see fine detail before capturing the image. the 20D does not.
The 40D has a 3" LCD, the 20D has a 1.8" LCD.

The 40D has a higher frame rate for continious shooting, and a larger frame buffer allowing more images to be taken in quick succession.

The 40D has lower noise levels at high ISO speeds..

The 40D is a fantastic camera, as is the 20D, If you provide more information on what type of photography you intend to use the camera for, I could go into more detail regarding what differences will affect you the most.

Cheers mate.
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Also the 20D will show amp glow in long exposures, the 40D will not.
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I've done a side by side comparison on some landscape images from the 20D and 50D. Reviews are saying that the 50D is only marginally better than the 40D in some areas and in others it's slightly inferior (but essentially close). Image wise, there is very little difference in the comparison between the 20 & 50D, the 50D has a little more contrast (and dynamic range on paper), the 50D has slightly higher resolution, not noticeable unless you pixel peep at image scales greater than 100%. Images out of the 50D with standard settings are often not as pleasing as those from the 20D. The 50D (and 40D) has live view, a definite plus if you're interested in Astrophotography.

In conclusion, you would be hard pressed to see any difference in terrestrial images from the 20/30/40/50D
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