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Capturing the moon/Jupiter occultation

Hi guys,

monday night, jupiter goes behind the moon, commencing on its dark side and exiting on the bright side. I really think its a chance to get some cool images. however, has anyone done it before?

i've got a 12" goto dob, canon dslr, with the option of the 5x powermate, 5x powermate + 2x barlow (probably not) and prime focus, and of course the canons 3x video crop.

Do people know or think whether the movement will be too quick to create a picture from video capture or should i try quick snaps? And also, there is the issue of the moon being quite a bit brighter which will make selecting the exposure levels tricky. (less so on the dark side i guess but whether there will be any moon glow there ,,, hmm).

Anyway keen to hear people's thoughts etc. I had in mind getting a 'Jupiter rising' shot, with high magnification and the moon horizontal.

There seems to be a lot going on astronomically at the moment

Clear skies.

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