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Old 06-07-2022, 03:50 PM
bluesilver (Peter)
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APT crashes and wipes everything back to default settings

Hi, the drama just continues on.
Just after some information on what may have caused this big issue with the latest version of APT V4.01 or if it has happened to anyone else yet?

So i have been using APT for about a year with no issues and running the latest version.
I was just going through the Flats aid trying to work out how to get the correct ADU and brightness settings,
Running a asi2600mc at -10 and mount is a iOptron CEM120
Everything is powered by the main 240V power and running through a 240 -12V converter as i have been doing for a while now, so no power issues at all.

I had been playing around with he flats aid for about an hour i guess and then all of a sudden the laptop just completely shuts down.
Now i am thinking this has something to do with APT possibly, because when i fired back up the laptop to get back in a warm the camera up to 0 degrees i find that APT has completely wiped everything right back to a bare bones install basically.

So no location, no mount, no camera, no focuser, nothing, no connection to Stallerium either, i have go go back an find out how to get it to read stallerium again, forgo how to do this.
Everything is back to the default with the red screen .
And just to add to that, i can't even get it to turn the screen from the default red to the green that i previously had.
Any idea on what has caused this so as not to have it happen again?
I am going to have to do a complete removal of APT, and do a fresh install, as nothing works on it now.

A bit of a hard lesson learned as i think there was an option to restore it back to old setting or something, i don't recall there being a backup option when i first installed it, but obviously there was.

Oh and the laptop wasn't connected to the internet either, never is.
Just doing a system restore on the laptop to see if that brings APT back
Any advice is appreciated.

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Old 06-07-2022, 04:22 PM
Startrek (Martin)
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Gee your having a bad run ( happens to most of us )

APT is fairly stable and hasn’t caused any issues for me in 2 years using it

Windows can cause gremlins for sure

What version of Windows are you running ?

You may have had a “local brown out” in your area where the supply dropped a half cycle but didn’t cause a complete power failure ?

What type of 240V to 12v converter ? Some power supplies can cause glitches

I use Powertech 12v 7.5amp switchmode power supplies MP 3575 (3 off them to power my whole set up ) These have been very reliable for 5 years now

Power cables and connections check

Data cables and connections check

Check Memory and Storage on your Laptop on all drives

Maybe delete all your Astro apps and re install
Update Windows
Re install Ascom 6.6 and make sure you install the Microsoft.net framework 3.5.1 as well
Update all your drivers
Check Power Management in your laptop
Re install your apps
Try another run in APT

I’m no computer guru but I’d start from scratch and work through step by step

Hopefully others can chime in and offer more advice

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File Type: pdf Ckeck Power Management in USB Drivers.pdf (18.3 KB, 5 views)

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Old 06-07-2022, 05:08 PM
bluesilver (Peter)
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Yes, just one of those days i guess.
I didn't know about “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
So unchecked all of them.
Laptop runs off it's own 240V power supply.
I am running a 7.5A 240 - 12V converter from Jaycar, can't think what it is called, but has been supper reliable. ( i think it might be the Powertech)
iOptron has it's own 240 -12V converter also, so that is all good ( I run two separate 240 -12V feeds to this mount.

It has the latest Windows download, ( actually do put in online at least once a month just for the updates).
But runs offline when imaging and the like.
Latest version of Ascom is installed.

All the Ascom and other software should be fine as it has been running fine when i was imaging for two night last weekend and nothing has changed, just playing around with the flats aid.
Appears the only program effected is APT as that was the only program running apart from the iOptron controller interface, which is all fine.

Might just do an uninstall of APT and re install it.
Just a pain working out all the plate solving links to put in, might be something to tackle over the weekend.

No Brown outs here, we have a fairly stable power supply here, but that won't of caused a complete wipe of APT, that is what is the real strange issue.

Next time when i get APT up and running, i will be sure to do a APT backup.

I also put the same post in the APT forum hoping from some advice on there as well
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