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Snake Valley 2022?

Wondering whether Snake Valley is happening in any iteration this year.

I've just bought a house (my first home!) and am relocating from inner Melbourne to the suburbs of Ballarat. I might even be able to meaningfully observe from my own backyard. I'll also be closer to the VicSouth if that ever happens in person again, as well.
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Nab (Darren)
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Hi Castor, what suburb are you moving to? Sky is pretty good here for a regional city unless you are right in the heart.
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I used to live in Sebastopol, south of the CBD and the skies were pretty good then, but now it is like a housing pandemic has crept in, in that area.
It is very sad to see all those empty paddocks full of houses nearly touching each other.
Hope you have a nice spot Castor.and clear skies

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I am at the far end of Ballarat East about 4km from the centre. I remember when I lived in Hobart 1.5km from the CBD the skies were surprisingly good. It's also obviously a lot easier to drive to a good observing spot from Ballarat cf Melbourne.
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I hope it has not died out, I have not seen anything yet.
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What say you Malcolm and Paul?
There are numerous people in serious need of pavlova and a roast!
Seriously though I do hope that SVAC returns during the term break - it's been a long twelve months without you guys.
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I would do my best to be there this year.
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TwistedRider (Drew)
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Have definitely missed it.
I do like the casual feel and the friendly advice...I certainly need all I can get.
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Hi All
Firstly, apologies for not keeping up with this thread.
As you would all appreciate, a fair bit of work goes into organising these camps and much has to take place several months before the camp takes place.
Normally I would be booking and setting up the March camp in October/November the previous year. At that point in time, there was a fair amount of uncertainty as to whether or not the COVID situation was going to allow a successful camp. We held the last camp in March 2021 and the numbers were still being impacted. So I made the decision to wait and see.
Since then, obviously the situation has got better, but talking to people there is still a lot of uncertainty in peoples minds and I, quite frankly, didn't need the stress of committing to a camp that was a "maybe". My work situation and some additional responsibilities I have taken on recently have meant I am not keen on extra stress!
We do have a small bank of funds in the camp bank account, but it is not limitless, and another camp with similar numbers would close to wipe out the buffer we have built up in past years.
To that end, after discussions with Paul, we are planning on setting up a camp in November and we hope all the "regulars" will support it and spread the word. I think the best thing is to have a decent lead time so we can really promote it and get a good crowd again.

Warm regards
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Sounds like a plan to me Malcolm, you can count me in for November.
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Is it November yet?
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Far too long since I was at Snake Valley so I’d be up for it in November!

Cheers -
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Am really looking forward to November.
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Looking forward to SV Nov 2022

Looking forward in being there with you all.

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Same here - I'd be up for a star party in November.
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