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ASI071MC color camera + ASIAir easy setup ?

As a DSLR photographer I always found the dedicated astrocamera too much hurdle for me with lack of onboard storage, power supply, need for a laptop on-site, hassle with filter wheels, etc.

But a friend of mine bought an ASI1600MM monochrome cam and I read the specs on the internet and stumbled upon an ASIAir device which costs only $179 (about A$260) and provided a 32GB SD card to store images, a wifi connection to iOS / Android app to control the camera and view the images, offline plate solving 5V 2.5A power supply (so a power bank suffices).


But for me a color cam (e.g. ASI071MC) is more suitable which eliminates the need for filter wheels.


So altogether it would cost me about EUR 2000 (A$3200) and is still portable for using it on overseas trips.

Does somebody have experience with these devices ?
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I use the asiair and it works fine, guiding has been an issue but that is my mount not the air, plate solving etc are spot on.
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The only thing I would say from my experience of the ASI294MC Pro, put a UV-IR cut filter in the train, at least an IR cut if not both. Looking at the 071MC they don't go below the 3db point on the red sensitivity until somewhere out past 750nm so it might well show the same kind of odd artifacts as my 294 without the filter.

Mine is the ZWO filter marketed as an IR cut filter but if the transmission graph is to be believed it is a UV-IR cut so I can't definitively say if my main issues came from the UV or IR end of the spectrum, but it amounted to some bloating of both blue and red stars (Suggesting both ends, it is a relatively cheap refractor I am using) and really spectacular reflection issues.
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