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Poll: Upgrade to C11 with Hyperstar or Update C8 with a Hyperstar and ZWO
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Upgrade to C11 with Hyperstar or Update C8 with a Hyperstar and ZWO

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Old 02-09-2019, 08:23 PM
Jimbus (Jim)
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Red face Upgrade C8 with Hyperstar or Buy C11 and Hyperstar

Hi all
Could I please get some help with some issues that I can't find answers to in my searches?
This is my first post on this very helpfull site and hope I can get some advice regarding
a new observatory I am building on Mornington Peninsula.
I have a C8 in my observatory in Melbourne and have been doing AP successfully on DSOs for a couple of years via SGP. Full robotic. I plan to disassemble and move NEQ6 Pro and pier to my Peninsula site. I was thinking of upgrading to a C11 with Hyperstar and maybe a Starizona LF flattened and reducer.
Currently I use a Nikon D5100 and will still use it however thinking of getting a ZWO of sorts perhaps cooled.
My dilema are
1) will the difference in light gathering between a C8 and C11 be worth it, particularly since Hyperstar will probably saturate some objects within 60 sec exposures.
2) For visual use is there a big enough improvement in perceived brightness to justify the $4000 Australian to by the C11
3) What would be the best colour Camera for Hyperstar on either the C8 or C11?. Is cooling necessary with such short exposures? I would probably take 120x 60 sec subs. I want to make sure pixels are big enough for fast subs but small enough to make cropped images of smallish DSOs 3'-5' when necessary. Nb.on a C8 Hyperstar NIKON D5100 has 2.5" pixels, is that too big? Alternatively ZWO ASI 183 had 2.4micron pixels for 1.24" (but much slower). What is the best trade off? (Seeing at Southern Peninsula is much better than inner suburbs of Melbourne.)

More Background thinking
I plan to get the new Celestron focuser that will work via ASCOM on SGP so focusing should not be a problem.

For a bit more background I currently take 10 minute subs over 8 hours with an OAG but would be happy to use Hyperstar with a 50mm Guidescope and Barlow to get 300mm FL.

Also I thought about Edge HD 1100 but can't see the value in it if useing Hyperstar which bypasses the expensive tube optics and figure an LF flattened reducer would bring a standard C11 near an Edge with Reducer at much reduced cost. Same goes with C8 V C8 Edge. Do people agree?
NB I have moded my C8 with DIY mirror stabilizers and reduced flop considerably.

Thanks for reading this and if you would be able to give me the benefit of your thoughts and experience I would be very grateful.
NB. There is an attached poll but I would really also like written comments and suggestions.

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Old 10-10-2019, 05:17 PM
Crossy (Paul)
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C8 & HyperStar


I have a C8 (non edge) and have just started using a HyperStar. Currently I have a QHY12 OSC camera and am experiencing bloated stars at the edges, apart from that the pictures are good and I just need to crop out the edges. I am experimenting with the backfocus as soon as the clouds clear to get rid of the bloated stars as I am sure that's the issue.

I don't know about c8 to c11, I have never even seen a c11 let alone loom through one. If I sort out the backfocus issue i'll send you the results and a summary in case you do get the hyperstar for the c8, also any lessons learned will apply to the c11 as well as the backfocus and adaptors are critical apparently.


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Old 15-10-2019, 01:35 PM
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sil (Steve)
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I have the 11" edgdehd, but cant use it anymore (dont ask) . its a beast to handle physically, not just weight but its bulky shape and lack of good hand holds makes it somewhat stressfult o try to attach to a mount for fear of dropping. I never used hyperstar and only ever imaged planets with the old Toucam occassionally. Was mainly a visual setup for me and optically its just superb, couldn't fault its optics but the eyepiece it came with is crap ( I had baader hyperions that I used instead). It has a mirror lock, I replaced my focuser with a feathertouch (essential) and it has built in cooling vents with maybe fans, cant recall. Anyway it still needed a lot of cooldown I found. Also gets condensation easily so I added heated belt around the front. I also needed me to balance it at the position it would be for imaging otherwise it would drift. Cant really help with advice its the best ota i've ever looked through and pricey but worth the cost? i have nothing to compare to, everythin else i owe has dissatissfying optics and always overprised in aussieland. oh and the 11" isn't long enough, jupiter is still depressingly small, i want it in my face dammit!
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c11 v edge 1100, hyperstar, mirror flop, zwo

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