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Originally Posted by peter_4059 View Post
Hi David. I was aware Leonardo is working on the "Advanced Version" of Voyager and I've heard it is going to have the ability to pick targets based on user criteria. That will be a massive breakthrough compared to more traditional approaches where you have to plan everything in advance. I'm not sure of the time frame for its release or how much it will cost.

Meanwhile, I love the challenge of tinkering and making stuff (I suspect you've already picked up on that ) I'm really interested in learning Python as it has some handy astronomy libraries and it also seems to be the goto language for AI and machine learning - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Yep - I hope he doesnít go silly with the price tag. ACP is functional, but stuck in the 90s in terms of its interface - editing config files with a text editor is quaint. (Iím considering this as an option for the school observatory)

I hope to get some more experience with the software over the next few months, though my setup doesnít need the level of automation you are using.

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