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Originally Posted by gaseous View Post
Welcome Bruce,

The Baader8-24 zoom is a well respected zoom eyepiece. The field of view at the 24mm setting is a little on the narrow side, but the overall usability and quality is top shelf. At 24mm you're probably better off going for a normal widefield eyepiece. If your scope is F10, I can't see the barlow being a requirement - you'll have 85x - 254x without it. A very general rule for maximum magnification is 2x the aperture of your scope in mm, so in your case, 2 x 200 = 400x. In reality, you'll rarely be hitting 400x without some serious deterioration of the viewing, so money on the barlow might better be spent on an eyepiece in the 5-6mm range if you think you'll want extra magnification, or something for widefield in the 24-30mm range. Depends on what you plan to be watching I guess.

Thanks for that. Rookie question, but why does the viewing deteriorate at higher magnification?

Is it more affected by atmospheric and viewing conditions, or just that it's harder to focus?

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