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Heat Source

I have tried a similar solution to Glen, the changes are I tried a 20ish watt bulb but at some stage it blew, I replaced that with a heating element that was / are designed to apply small amounts of heat to outdoors machinery, it from memory is around the 30 watt mark and was sold by an electrical wholesaler per made with a standard 240volt plug.
The second change was my cover was made from wall sarking and is not vented, my reasoning ( which maybe flawed ) was to not provide a continuous change of air but to provide a blanket of low heat around the scope and mount to prevent condensation.
The mount and scope do not feel hot but are warmer than everything else in the dome, I don't have the means to measure the humidity but it does make me feel better.
I idea of moving a 11" scope, camera, Hyperstar and smaller scope off the mount isn't appealing doing it by myself I use a small block and tackle hung off the dome but it is a task, if I was younger and fitter maybe but the heating element works.
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