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this might be a bit boring, unless your into DIY domes I guess .
A bit of a milestone today, finally got the slot door and its wheels sorted, along with making it rainproof, its been a bit of a challenge.

Turns out bending PVC angle with a heat gun is easier than al, it turns to putty, difficult to handle melted, but you can do anything with it.

So I used angle al for strength (wheel guides)and angle PVC to rainproof. Including U section (Yeah, bending U section, who would've thunk that was a thing )
The pic is pretty rough, but will all will pan out in post. Ill use Topaz magic

I lost 2 days of stuffing around with adhesives thinking that would look cleaner than screws and pop rivets. What a disaster, slippery, al moved all over the place and what a mess, my hands will be black for weeks. Liters of turps to remove and back to trusty screws and pop rivets.

Round everything continues to be a painful headspin in every way possible (All structural materials are supplied flat, nothing is usable out of the shop).
But I must say, im OK with it, occupies the grey matter
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