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Thanks all for the replies,

Long strokes got the polish evenly across the mirror centre. I trashed myself yesterday working at the face and forgetting the time. No laser reflection left, on the Ronchi stand, nice fat halo around the 30% zone.

SWMBO is away, so, back to 400 and this time, using the longer strokes over centre.

I'm planning on progressing to the finest grits I have (can use) before moving to polishing. The article I posted about the chemical shear layer deposit and removal rate caught my interest.

After my first 8+ hours of polishing, going back to the smoothing etc seems easy ...

I'm at 141 of 144 inches on the ROC, I'm after longer over shorter so the reface was going to happen anyway. I just wanted to try a polishing spell and setup useable Ronchi test to get some experience. I'm not expecting to get the mirror I want for a few iterations. 'Tis fun, Caveman work to reading and working at fractions of a visible wave length all in one hobby...
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