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Hi Rod,

Thanks for the replies, I'll go back to a 1/3 stroke, I was about 1/8th overhang or a little more. Basically about an inch in from the edge for my marker I think.

What's the best way to check to see if I have two curves in my mirror?


Hadn't tried the flyscreen this time, I got a steel wire brush from the two dollar shop. The brushes seemed stiffer than the brass BBQ brush and the wires better secured. Really like the way it takes the gloss off the squares and slapping the lap gets you some nice pits and well as the scratches...

My micro factettes last about 50minutes, the pads are completely smooth, almost glossy (Channels get the Stanley as well). I am replacing microfacets after ever session and the lap needs a complete new channel after the three 45 minutes sessions. (well, it wouldn't survive a 4th session anyway)

I have a floating lap, I leave that face down in warm water to help get some fast warmth at the start. Definitely a +1 for wooden laps on that score.

I seldom skip or grab at the start, and contact is solid. I find that if I don't keep a slightly damp hand I have great trouble moving the lap. With a drop of water smeared over my hands, its 5 "I" strokes at about 1 secs each, and turn tool/mirror repeat.

I get good action within a couple of minutes of the start of each session using the water warmed lap and a warmed blank at the start. the 45minutes normally starts about 5-8minutes in when I get good cutting action, and doesn't count the wash or prep cleans. So about 70-80minutes a pop before I'm pooped.

*My Ronchi screen and tester are a little fail atm. I'm off to buy some parts this morning to make a better tester. The 125/200lpi I have now is just too many lines... Hoping to make the fishing line slide at 80lpi today.

Using "210x.000550 / (1/2xFL)" for the line count, seems to line up to Mel Bartels Ronchi simulator really well.

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